What is Title 1 Schoolwide at Pate Elementary School?

                  What is Title I Schoolwide at Pate Elementary School?

Title I?       The name given to the program created by a law passed originally in
                  1965. It was called the ESEA – Elementary and Secondary Education
                   Act. This law provides federal money to help schools with a large
                   percentage of students who live in lower income homes. It is the largest
                   federal aid program for our nation’s schools.

Schoolwide?     Schoolwide means the whole school participates, not just certain
                        children. The school must set goals and monitor progress for all
                        students, but with emphasis given to those with the lowest
                        achievement levels based on test data.

How Much?     A project must be
                        written to plan how to implement changes and spend the funds given
                        to the school for improvement.

How Does
This Help?
        The requirements of a Title I Schoolwide Project ensure that the
                        school thinks and plans for school improvement. We analyze the
                        programs we have in place and improve or change programs based
                        upon student achievement. We try new programs, research new ideas
                        and methods, and use a variety of teaching strategies.

Title I Committee?    A committee is responsible for researching, writing, and
                                monitoring not only the written project, but the implementation    
                               of the plan. The members of the committee this year are: Emily Lunn, Wendi Beattie,
                   Ella Johnson, Allison Baker, Maria Pigott, David Graham, Janeen Thomas, Jennifer Dunn,
                   Patricia Branham, Kelly Taylor, Ricky James, Janey Brandis and Hanna Hanlin.

How Title 1
Helps Pate Elementary?
    The complete Pate Elementary community has the
                                        opportunity to be involved in the decision making process,
                                        which in turn, helps our students receive the best quality
                                        education. Title I also provides teacher support and extra
                                        materials that would not be available otherwise.

Specific Use of funds      Staff development in math and reading for teachers
                                      Conferences for teachers
                                      Salaries for coordinating teacher, classroom       
                                           teachers,  and lab manager 
                                      Parent Resource Center
                                      Classroom libraries
                                      Materials and supplies for reading and math
                                      Parenting workshops and meetings
                                      Printed materials for parents 
                                      Parent Volunteer Program

To view the Title I Schoolwide Project, visit our Media Center and request the Title I Notebook or request a written copy from Wendi Beattie.