Staff Directory

Pate Elementary School

 Office: 843-398-5070
Fax: 843-398-2397
Cafeteria: 843-398-2401
Media Center: 843-398-2399

Pate Elementary School
1010 Indian Branch Rd
Darlington, SC 29532

Principal: Mrs. Emily Lunn
For reporting a student absence:
Call 843-398-5070

For contacting a teacher:
1. Find the teacher's extension in the Staff Directory.
2. Dial the extension number listed below.
3. If the person is not available leave a message on their voice mail.

Name Assignment Email Phone
Altman, Sarvis Music Email 398-2442
Augustus, Margaret Cafeteria Email 398-2401
Beattie, Wendi Coordinating Teacher Email 398-2402
Blackmon, Sarah 5K Assistant Email 398-2438
Blakney, Carmen 1st Grade Email 398-2418
Brand, Valencia 5K Teacher Email 398-2415
Brown, Catherine 4K Teacher Email 398-2420
Bryant, June Reading Interventionist Email 398-2400
Chaplin, Ashleigh 5K Teacher Email 398-2416
Chaplin, Vickie Math Interventionist Email 398-5070
Cotton, Stephanie 2nd Grade Email 398-2429
Covington, Hoseaetta 5K Assistant Email 398-2416
Dunn, Jennifer Guidance Email 398-2421
Elliott, Mechelle Custodian Email 398-5070
Faircloth, Hilary 5K Teacher Email 398-2417
Finch, Sara Audiologist Email 398-2404
Freeman, Marcia 1st Grade Email 398-2425
Gallashaw, Carolyn Cafeteria Email 398-2401
Gibbs, Mary Media Center Email 398-2399
Godfrey, Shanita 2nd Grade Email 398-2409
Graham, David Music Email 398-2442
Griffin, Jennifer 1st Grade Email 398-2428
Grooms, Sonja 5K Assistant Email 398-2415
Hubbard, Beth Nurse Email 398-2393
Jackson, Bertie Cafeteria Manager Email 398-2401
Jackson, Jennifer 2nd Grade Email 398-2436
Jackson, Lacy 5K Teacher Email 398-2405
James, Chantel 5K Assistant Email 398-2417
James, Cheree Multiage Teacher Assistant Email 398-2440
Jeffery, Pamela Cafeteria Email 398-2401
Joe, Janice Custodian Email 398-5070
Johnson, Ella Mental Health Email 398-2431
Johnson, Isaac Custodian Email 398-5070
Johnson, Kathy 2nd Grade Email 398-2435
Johnson, LaQuetta 1st Grade Email 398-2411
Kolodziej, Joe Physical Ed. Email 398-2441
Lui, Jamie SRO Email 398-5070
Lunn, Emily Principal Email 398-2395
Mady, Lisa Psychologist Email 398-2445
Marcus, Angela Cafeteria Email 398-2401
Martin, Milissa Student Data Manager Email 398-2400
McDonald, Katena 5K Assistant Email 398-2405
Mingo, Christine Cafeteria Bookkeeper Email 398-2401
Moore, Susan Media Specialist Email 398-2399
Morris, Melissa 2nd Grade Email 398-2411
Moses, Tony Custodian Email 398-5070
Osterberg, Patricia 2nd Grade Email 398-2437
Park, Tiffany 4K Assistant Email 398-2410
Parnell, JoLynn Reading Interventionist Email 398-2414
Preston, Tanesia Bookkeeper Email 398-2394
Pulling, Andrea Family School Facilitator Email 398-2426
Sawyer, Lacey 4K Teacher Email 398-2410
Sawyer, Valerie ESOL Teacher Email 398-5070
Shirey, Holly 1st Grade Email 398-2430
Swinney-Johnson, Pamela Family School Facilitator Email 398-2400
Szigeti, Rita Art Email 398-2443
Thomas, Darasa 1st Grade Email 398-2434
Thomas, Janeen Exceptional Ed. Email 398-2406
Thomasson, Mary Ann 4K Assistant Email 398-2420
White, Kathryn Literacy Coach Email 398-2422
Wilkes, Leslie Speech Therapist Email 398-2425
Woodard, Amanda 5K Teacher Email 398-2438