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Our Vision

Our Vision

Posted on 07/13/2021


Our Vision(s):


Our Vision at Pate Elementary School, is to RISE!
Our vision and beliefs encumber the following commitments:
- We are committed to Recognizing the positive in others and putting
children (and others) first.
-We are committed to Inspiring one another, thus rising quietly on our own.
-We are committed to Strengthen relationships with all stakeholders, while
educating and providing a positive, safe, and stimulating environment for
children to continuously learn and grow.
- We are committed to Empowering others to continuously learn and grow
and spread that empowerment to others.

Recognize- We RECOGNIZE the awesome in staff members,
students, and families.

 Inspire- We INSPIRE staff members, students, and families.
Education means “to draw out” and inspire means “to breathe into.”

Strengthen & Stretch- We STRENGHTEN relationships with staff
members, students, & families. We STRETCH our mindset to
become better than we are in the present.

Empower- We EMPOWER staff members, students, and families
(make them stronger and more confident-lift others and in turn rise
as well).