Mrs. Shannon H. Fraser, Principal

‚Äč I have always wanted to be in the education field.  As a child, I "played school"  in my playroom at home, while my sister, baby dolls, and stuffed animals served as my students.  The kitchen was the main office, and the living room was the principal's office.  I played endlessly every day after school.  I then grew up and became a "real" teacher.

I have been in education for 24 years.  I was a 4th and 5th grade teacher, a Coordinating Teacher, a Master Teacher, an Assistant Principal, and now the Principal at Pate Elementary School.  Ironically, I began my educational journey at Pate, where I student taught under Mrs. Kathy Johnson, whom now I work with again.  I was called to Pate, and I was called to serve children.  It is truly a blessing to be yet a small part of ensuring kids are well taken care in all aspects of life.  I strive to "rise by lifting others," every child, every day.