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Principal Shannon Fraser

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Shannon Fraser

 My name is Shannon Fraser, and I am the Principal at Pate Elementary School.  As I begin my 6th year at Pate and my 29th in the Darlington County School District, I am honored to welcome you to Pate Elementary School for the 2023-2024 School Year!  It is truly a privilege and a blessing to lead this prestigious group of educators and young children in becoming the BEST that they can BE!  We are truly a ONE-OF-A-KIND school, and we strive daily to put children first and lift others as we rise ourselves!  Pate is a home away from home, a true family who sticks together through it all!  The gains we have made over the past several years have been amazing, and it is all due to the hard work, dedication, and passion that our staff members and students have each day at Pate!  With this continued commitment and hard work,  I look forward to even more gains and success this year at Pate!  With great excitement and pure joy, I welcome you to a new school year! Pate families are always welcome to Pate, as I believe in an open-door policy and embrace all Pate families who enter our school so that they know we are a village and are all here in the best interests of our Pate babies.  It is our calling and promise obligation to always give 200% to your child(ren) and treat them as our own!  I look forward to an AMAZING 2023-2024 YEAR!